Cromer Hotels

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Cromer is a quaint and gentle town that is a constant reminder of quieter times gone by, it is distinctly Victorian and is found in the east corner of Norfolk, it is the perfect Holiday destination for families with young children, for Honeymoon couples, for business groups wanting a quieter atmosphere where they may concentrate on the work at hand and for those wishing to celebrate many years of life together. The town offers a comprehensive catalogue of Cromer Hotels that are sure to meet the needs of the most discerning of visitors and offer a vast catalogue of design, location and style to meet all needs, tastes and budgets.

The first time Cromer become of any significance was from 1877 onwards with the arrival of the railways therefore making it easy for people to discover the many benefits of this delightful town, with the advent of tourism came wealth and a reason for relocation for many to start small businesses here. The town still displays an old fashioned character and to this day there are live shows exhibited nightly at the end of the pier.

Its pleasure and beauty is in its simplicity it has not been scarred by numerous amusement rides but instead encourages families to enjoy the age old tradition of building sandcastles and crabbing. The Cromer crabs are well known and by specialists are claimed to be the finest in Britain as they are the sweetest.

The town dates back way before the Victorians and this is evident in the medieval church that boasts an imposing tower the highest in Norfolk and not far from here is the 17th Fellbrigg Hall a National Trust property hosting an important collection of Grand Tour paintings. The most important aspect of this town and its life blood is the Sea and there are still many fishermen landing their catches, and mariners who are grateful for the protection of the lighthouse and the brave Cromer lifeboats whose history may be investigated further at the Henry Blogg museum.

The Cromer Hotels offer a number of interesting facades and various architectural renderings as well as being placed on beachfront, town center hub, country surround and elite suburbs all make for interesting combinations and enlivening experiences. The Beachfront Hotels may be the choice of the Honeymoon couple or the family group as they offer stunning views and immediate access to the beach and promenade.

Some of these stunning beachfront Cromer Hotels may be described through an Edwardian Architectural image and the grand entrance displays a sort of "Gone with the Wind'' style offering sweeping staircases and beautiful stained glass windows and doors as well as a classic Minstrels gallery. Hotels such as these maybe the first choice of honeymooners, and VIP guests as they offer delightful accommodations where each room is individually decorated and suites provide seating and dining areas and flow onto private balconies where beautiful views may be enjoyed.

The City canter Cromer Hotels may be a better bet for the business executive as they provide easy access to communication links, businesses and services, the hotels are traditional and the accommodations provide for study area including internet access, direct dial phone and fax machine. Meeting rooms and conferences spaces may be accommodated and all functions overseen. The Country Cromer Hotels offer country pursuits as in walking, hiking, horse riding, fishing and golfing; they may as well offer Health Spas and Ballrooms perfect for wedding celebrations and anniversaries.

Fabulous dining displays culinary delights crafted by highly skilled chefs from local produce complemented with vintage wines. The Cromer Hotels are sure to delight and surprise all who visit this quaint corner of the UK.